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Introducing the very latest and best computer-quoting and bodyshop management software applications, support & training services, especially developed for the Australian automotive smash repairer:

FoxQUOTE aspires to offer a best-in-class range of computer-quoting software products, support & training services.   Proven by its superior level of professional customer support,  ease-of-use speed, accuracy and reliability,  FoxQUOTE'S author Bruce Jones,  promises an overall higher quality estimating and bodyshop management software application especially designed for the Australian smash repair industry.

©FoxQUOTE by Bruce I. Jones - 37 years (1987-2024) of computer-quoting and bodyshop management software industry experience.  Jones is a professional computer software designer & developer. So with Jones,  you get the best support and training services.

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Fast, affordable, highly-dependable computer-quoting and management applications designed espcially for the Australian panel beater and is engineered by one person for superior reliability, compatibility, maintainability, accuracy and speed making it the most suitable software offering available.

Expert, qualified support is provided by Bruce Jones' 37 years, non-stop, industry-specific experience. Jones clearly outshines his competition when it comes to computer-quoting software design, development, maintenance and technical support. You will always get the most suitable support & training from the person who single-handedly designed and developed the entire product - from the ground up.

For many years, Jones has been a highly respected insurer-vendor developer partner in the Australian smash repair industry. Jones is a well-known and recognised developer partner with I.G.A. Ltd, Suncorp Ltd, Stelvio Australia,  Audatex Australia, Webtrim, Protection Plus and Partscheck.

Jones understands insurers' individual I.T. assessing and invoicing systems back-to-front and shares his abundant experience with his Valued Customers every day.

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FoxQUOTE runs lightning fast and reliably with Microsoft® Windows  Windows 7, Windows 8,  Windows 10 & 11 operating systems as well as in the cloud. 

FoxQUOTE supports, and is recognised by, the following online insurer assessing systems, insurer labour compliance systems and third party products:


  • Suncorp GIO/AAMI/SUNCORP/VERO/BINGLES/APIA's PNET v4.1 (Audanet Compatible)


  • Stelvio/Allianz/Zurich/Comminsure/Toyata Lexus ESTIMAGE

  • Webtrim P/L's Webtrim ODBC 

  • Audatex/Solera Australia's AUDANET & AUDABRIDGE for Suncorp/Allianz/QBE/Youi

  • Planning Plus Software's PLANNING PLUS 

  • Partscheck's PARTSCHECK  

Please don't waste your precious time hoping inexperienced sales staff or unqualified business owners will know how to solve your day-to-day technical and, insurer-production type computer-quoting problems. 

Your day-to-day, insurer-production type problems are quickly solved by a highly experienced I.T. consultant so you can get back on with the job asap.

Bruce Jones will support and train you quickly and easily by accessing & controlling your computer over the internet while talking to you on the telephone - private, secure and no fuss. His 37 years of contininous, industry I.T. experience - your problems are always solved quickly!

FoxQUOTE is Windows multi-user and network-ready -  you can depend on it every work day. You'll never need to re-enter lost quotes nor invoices again - it's bullet-proof!

FoxQUOTE's flexible pricing makes it easier for repairers to choose from a range of affordable, optional, plug-in modules such as:

  •  FoxQUOTE   

  •  FoxDEBTOR 


  •  FoxJOBCOST 

  •  FoxGL 

  •  FoxIMAGING 

  •  FoxORM Quoting  - I.A.G. Certified v3.00 TLS v1.2

  •  FoxORM Invoicing - I.A.G. Certified v3.00 TLS v1.2

  •  FoxARNIE 

  •  FoxEM@IL

  •  FoxWEBTRIM 

  •  FoxWEBTRIM ODBC - Webtrim P/L Level 3 Certified

  •  FoxESTIMAGE - Stelvio Australia Recognised

  •  FoxESTIMAGE Cloud - Stelvio Australia Recognised   

  •  FoxQUICKBOOKS QBi0809 

  •  FoxRECKON 2015 

  •  FoxPDF 

  •  FoxPNET Quoting - Suncorp Certified v4.05 TLS v1.2

  •  FoxPNET Invoicing  - Suncorp Certified v2.03 TLS v1.2

  •  FoxNTAR 

  •  FoxLTAR 

  •  FoxNOTES 

  •  FoxARROWS>> 

  •  FoxEXPORT 

  •  FoxHELP 

  •  FoxPNET Quoting - Suncorp's PNET v4.10 Audanet Compatible  

  •  FoxAUDANET Quoting - Audatex/Solera Australia PNET v4.10 Compatible

  •  FoxPLAN+  

  •  FoxLOANCAR  

  • FoxQUOTE Extensions


  • FoxCLOUD



  •  New FoxAUDABRIDGE 2024 Quoting - Audatex/Solera Australia  under beta test JANUARY 2024

  • Updated FoxAUDANET Quoting 2024 - Audatex/Solera Australia  under beta test JANUARY 2024


With FoxQUOTE, you only pay for the plug-in modules that you need. 

Don't waste $$$ on other competing products' attractive features and upgrades that you will never use or need.

Busy panel shops demand bullet-proof, multi-user network support and with FoxQUOTE they  enjoy faster performance, enhanced storage capacity and greater reliability with a higher 95% up-time.  

Access and print your FoxQUOTE estimates, invoices & photos anytime, anywhere - from home, office or on the road using FoxCLOUD - accessible from on any computer or mobile device - it's easy!

FoxQUOTE is priced from as little as $78 per month license.  Standard Price List document available upon request.


See below some of the new I.T. technologies FoxQUOTE is embracing today.....

Apple Macbook Air:


Apple Ipad:


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